• The dark side of AI: bias in the machine (Ep. 92)

      This is the fourth and last episode of mini series "The dark side of AI". I am your host Francesco and I’m with Chiara Tonini from London. The title of today’s episode is Bias in the machine      C: Francesco, today we are starting with an infuriating ...

  • How to cluster tabular data with Markov Clustering

    In this episode I explain how a community detection algorithm known as Markov clustering can be constructed by combining simple concepts like random walks, graphs, similarity matrix. Moreover, I highlight how one can build a similarity graph and then run...

  • Episode 65: AI knows biology. Or does it?

    The successes of deep learning for text analytics, also introduced in a recent post about sentiment analysis and published here are undeniable. Many other tasks in NLP have also benefitted from the superiority of deep learning methods over more tradition...

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