A few words about the show...

Data Science at Home is a podcast about machine learning, artificial intelligence, and algorithms. Dr. Francesco Gadaleta hosts the show on solo episodes and interviews some of the most influential figures in the field.

Data Science at Home is Amethix Technology's product.

Amethix works to create and maximize the impact of the world’s leading corporations and startups, so they can create a better future for everyone they serve. We provide solutions in AI/ML, Fintech, Healthcare/RWE, and Predictive maintenance.

and about Frag, the host

Francesco Gadaleta, Ph.D.

I am the senior software engineer, chief data scientist, and founder of Amethix Technologies. I have been hosting the Data Science at Home podcast since 2015. My interests range from applied math, advanced machine learning, computer programming, cryptography, and blockchain technology. I have worked in healthcare & Pharma, energy, and finance domains.


I am the former Chief Data Officer at Abe AI (acquired by Envestnet Yodlee Inc.) and a former member of the Advanced Analytics Team of Johnson&Johnson. I am founder and chief engineer at Amethix Technologies


  • Designed and implemented a conversational engine (chatbot) for personal finance
  • Designed and implemented advanced algorithms for financial transactional data insight


  • Designed and implemented machine learning solutions to integrate heterogeneous genetic data (OMICS) and predict the risk of genetic diseases in a pre-symptomatic fashion
  • Provided analytics solutions for the Non-Invasive-Prenatal-Testing (NIPT) research group
  • Designed and implemented the most accurate predictive models for disease interception and drug recommendation (Johnson & Johnson)
  • Advised several big data technologies and strategies essential to the organization on a global scale


  • Applied mathematics and statistics
  • Programming in multiple computer languages, among which Rust, Python, C/C++, assembly (production quality software)
  • Machine learning, AI, Game theory

Data Science at Home is among the top Data Science podcast, and many industry leaders have sponsored its initiative. This podcast provides the latest and most relevant findings in machine learning and artificial intelligence, interviewing researchers and influential scientists in the field.