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A Fireside Chat on the Latest Trends and Innovations in Data Science

Welcome to "DataFroge" fireside chats on the exciting world of data science!

In this monthly casual conversation, we'll be exploring the latest trends and innovations in the field, as well as discussing how data science is changing the way we approach business, research, and even our daily lives. Our panel of experts and junior data scientists is a perfect match to share insights on topics ranging from machine learning and artificial intelligence to data visualization and ethics in data science which is understandable for everyone.

Join us as we delve into the cutting-edge developments and challenges facing the data science community, and learn how you can get involved in this dynamic field.

So grab a cup of cocoa ☕ , settle in by the fire 🔥, and let's explore the fascinating world of data science together!

This chat is brought to you by

Francesco Gadaleta

Chief data scientist, and founder of Amethix Technologies

Mohammad Reza Nabizadeh

Master of Data Science from the University of British Columbia

Latest Episodes

April 24, 2023

DataForge: Object Tracking Methods and its Recent Developments (Ep. 3)

☄️ 🔍 During our chat, we explored how object tracking technology takes initial object detections, creates visual models for these objects, and follows them as they […]
February 27, 2023

DataForge: Differentiable Robotic Simulations (Ep. 2)

🤔 What are differentiable physics engines? How does Deep Learning tackle the most challenging robotics simulation problems? 🤖🦾 Join the 2nd episode of the “DataForge” fireside chat […]
January 21, 2023

DataForge: Job roles in Data Science (Ep. 1)

🔥 🤔 What skills and qualifications are required for each job role in Data Science? What are the most emerging roles in Data Science and ML? […]

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