Ethereum. How the Internet will be

Why blockchain technology will disrupt the world and how

In the aftermath of the explosion of cryptocurrency Ethereum (from $65 to $100, then $150 and higher), I feel the urge of sharing my thoughts and trying to make sense of what is happening.

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Protecting privacy and confidentiality in data and communications

The easiest tricks to preserve your privacy

Talking about security of communication and privacy is never enough, especially when political instabilities are driving leaders towards decisions that will affect people on a global scale.

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Ahem detector with deep learning

How a neural network cleans podcast episodes

Let me introduce the ahem detector, a deep convolutional neural network that is trained on transformed audio signals to recognize ahem sounds.

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Word Embedding explained in one slide

How artificial intelligence understand semantics

Word embeddings is one of the most powerful concepts of deep learning applied to Natural Language Processing. Any word of a dictionary...

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What I discovered by analyzing my favourite Twitter accounts

As some might already know, I am a heavy Twitter user. You can find many thoughts of mine, findings and ideas, at least those ones I share with my followers. I also get inspired by the many researchers who, like me, use Twitter on a daily basis.

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Way to git

If you buy software just skip this post. If you make software and need to maintain it, here is a very brief overview of what you might be using...

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